Check for wiretapping

If you have any doubt that your conversations confidential, you suspect that  someone is spying and eavesdropping on you - welcome to Kiev detective agency "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigation".

Here, high-level professionals with years of experience in law enforcement agencies and business will help you to identify all of the channels of information leakage, whether from the office, home, car, and to confirm or dispel your suspicions. Before turning to the detective agency in Kiev, you will need to determine the object (that is, that you want to check?). If this room, it is necessary to understand at least approximately the size of its area in square meters, the amount of office equipment (computers, copiers, air conditioners, etc..), The ceiling height is also important. To check the car need to know the class and brand. Then contact us, and our staff will inform you the approximate value of examination. If you are satisfied with the order price, the further you agree to a time and place checks on wiretapping (office most convenient non-working hours, when staff abandoned it).

Search for eavesdroppers and other hidden resources unsanctioned output of information is carried out only in Kiev and Kiev region. When ordering large squares we can travel to other cities, as agreed.

In our arsenal there are a full range of professional equipment to search for eavesdroppers, tracking GPS, recording devices, "bugs" and video from professional radiocymometers to nonlinear locators, and software systems.