The relationship between people is often rather complicated process: over time the feelings and attitudes of people towards each other can vary. As a result, there are doubts about the sincerity and frankness of the spouse. In order to dispel these doubts, you can contact the "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigations" in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are enough ways and methods in our arsenal to verify the person on the "purity". The most effective way to find truth - covert surveillance during the day (including photo and video recording of spouse movements and contacts). There are also recommendations to verify his or her pages in social networks, the search for pages on dating sites and so on.

In practice, verification and identification of misconduct of spouse is a set of activities, aimed at revealing the facts of treason, along with photos of her lover, their correspondence, the identity of the mistress, receive and gather information about the person.


Each private investigator of Agency in Kiev "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigations" has a fairly high level of professionalism and experience to carry out all these activities. After receiving and analyzing baseline data on the scanned object (for example: the number of cars, photos, phone number, how to move around the city on his car or public transport, uses a computer at home or not, hiding while talking on the phone in the other room, blocking mobile phone by code or not, and other aspects), the investigator will discuss with you and advise the most appropriate and effective measures for verification.

Identification of marital infidelity is often a difficult task and requires costs. Also of note, if you are going to check their partner's fidelity, it is not necessary to declare him in the face, saying, "I'll bring out you on the clean water ...", because then checked person begins to be cautious and work of a private investigator to become more complex and more expensive than the first cost.