Identification of a person by phone number

You want to know who called you? Whose number is + 380...? Experts from the Detective Agency "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigation" are ready to carry out the identification of the person by the mobile phone for a small fee of $100. Often, it is imperative to identify the owner of phone during the investigation, revealing the name, surname, date of birth of the person who uses this phoner number, be it a lover, a swindler, a terrorist, an extortionist, thief, etc. The complexity of the process consists in that the so-called prepaid subscribers of cellular communications may use SIM-card virtually anonymously.

But our private detectives will make every effort to identify the owner of the phone number. In case of failure (1%) we are ready to return your money.

Also we can do the reverse task – to find actual contact phone number of interested/wanted person and do it confidentially.