Covert surveillance


To a private detective could begin covert surveillance object with a photo and video recording, the customer must provide the original information. The first is - photo of the person, for which you want to observe (in the absence of photos - the exact signs of the object), place of residence, place of work, info abot the transport (type, number, color of car) person uses.

It is highly desirable that the customer places an order for the implementation of covert surveillance at least one day before the start of work. This is necessary to prepare a detective agency to conduct covert surveillance (appointment of personal, the allocation of transport and equipment for photo and video recording facility and to check the correctness of initial data).

As a result of covert surveillance the customer receives a daily report from the private detectives, which in chronological order shall specify the time and recorded events where, when, with whom contacted the object of observation, which places visited and what was his behavior. Materials of covert photo and video surveillance will be added.

The cost of covert surveillance is between $40 - $50 per hour. It depends on conditions of surveillance performance.


The final amount of expenditure will be given taking into account the unforeseen expenses, the use of a large number of transport, air travel, visiting places with restricted access (minimum order restaurants that the object of observation attended). It is necessary to take into account such factors when the subject can suspect he can be monitored, and he has guards, in this case is necessary use more mobile groups, transportation, etc., to avoid decryption. So the cost covert surveillance will increase.

Payment is 50% in advance and the rest – during customer will receive final report. If customer want to receive results of surveillance remotely he have to prepay 100% cost before receive final report.

Turning to private detectives, it is important to know that the surveillance - is a complex process that requires the performer training and experience, because during the day it is possible to ten times "light" that could scare the object of surveillance, or even lose him out of sight respectively customer's money will be wasted. There are not a lot of real professionals in this business.

At Kiev Detective Agency "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigation" quite often refer clients with complaints of previous investigators, who took the money, and work as expected, they did not. In some cases, to work again does not make sense, because the object of surveillance behaves quite carefully and do not hold any compromising his actions. In addition to our line of business "works" a lot of scams and pseudo-detectives, after watching movies about detectives, because of the absence of the law regulating the detective activity in Ukraine.