The cost of services of a private investigator is dependent on various factors and is ultimately determined by the customer after providing all known initial data and conduct a preliminary analysis by a private investigator. The private detective before to start the investigation agrees on the budget and terms of performance of order with the customer. If the conditions are satisfied with the customer, he must pay at least 50%  the cost of the order - the funds needed to pay for the queries, buy gasoline and compensation of other costs that a private investigator is carrying out.  Sometimes prepayment is 100%, as in the case of requests for human identification by the number of the mobile, because the cost of the request for identification is significantly higher than half of the service cost.

The payment of the cost of private investigator services the customer can carry out in cash during a personal meeting with a private investigator or send international bank transfer like Western Union, MoneyGram, Paysend, Bitcoin etc..) Transfer to a bank card or other convenient manner.

The customer looking for help at the private bureau of investigations should be ready for the fact that the minimum for the services of a private investigator at Kyiv (Ukraine), he will have to pay from 100 euro.