Private investigations agency "FUBI"

HomeThe First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigations (FUBI - Kiev, Ukraine) on a professional level provides services of the private investigator in Kiev (Kiev's region), and throughout whole Ukraine. Moreover, our private investigators have the opportunity to perform various tasks outside of Ukraine.

Our customers choose the private bureau of investigations "FUBI" because the absolute confidentiality of our orders is guaranteed, any leakage of personal information is excluded, all orders are executed at the highest professional level and as soon as possible. Each private investigator of our agency "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigations" is entirely aware of the weight of the responsibility that rests on him in the implementation of orders of our customers, so that all tasks are carried out with exceptional thoroughness and prejudice to the quality of the results.

The range of services of the private bureau of investigations "FUBI" (Kiev, Ukraine) include: people search, search debtors and fraudsters, search in Ukraine for heirs in inheritance cases in different countries of the world, find burial sites; the collection of information on individuals and companies, verification and analysis of the information provided by the customer; identification of a person by phone number (we can determine the full name and details of the owner of mobile phone number, call you) and the inverse task - find a contact telephone number of interested for you person; range of services in the solution of family problems (infidelity, check the background of person, verifying the veracity of the information specified in the questionnaire on the dating, confidential testing for the use the drags by a close relative; range of services for covert surveillance and counter-surveillance (detection of a surveillance); conduct investigations, including checking border crossings, and much more about what you can clarify through our contacts.

Besides the private bureau of investigations "FUBI" is not only providing the services of a private investigator, but also conducts a number of expertise and research are in demand by customers. Our experts with the help of expensive professional equipment can check the room on the wiretap, discover bugs and other favorites in the car. Our equipment can detect all existing active and passive covert unauthorized eavesdropping.

And, finally, the main principles of the private bureau of investigations "FUBI" are professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. And everyone who works in Kiev private investigator steadily adheres to these principles, which allows our agency for the right to use well-deserved reputation among our colleagues. Those who ordered private investigations at "First Ukrainian Bureau of Investigations" at least once, then become our regular customers and the repeated solution to the problems they have come directly to us, instead of looking for other agencies.